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Catch-Up Line of Credit: Regain Financial Stability

At Leonard Trust, our Catch-Up Line of Credit is designed to provide a lifeline to individuals facing overdue bills or financial difficulties. It offers a flexible solution to catch up on outstanding payments and regain financial stability.

Features of Our Catch-Up Line of Credit

  • Financial Relief: Access funds up to a predetermined credit limit to cover overdue bills, payments, or financial obligations.
  • Revolving Credit: Utilize the line of credit as needed to address outstanding debts and overdue expenses.
  • Flexible Repayment: Enjoy the flexibility of making minimum payments or paying off the balance according to your financial situation.

Key Benefits of the Catch-Up Line of Credit

  • Address Overdue Bills: Use the line of credit to catch up on overdue utilities, credit card bills, mortgage payments, or other outstanding debts.
  • Financial Recovery: Regain financial stability by consolidating overdue bills into a manageable line of credit, avoiding penalties or defaults.
  • Rebuild Credit: By responsibly managing and repaying the line of credit, work towards rebuilding a positive credit history.

Types of Expenses Covered

  • Utility Bills: Cover overdue payments for electricity, water, gas, or other essential utilities.
  • Credit Card Debt: Consolidate overdue credit card balances into a single line of credit for easier management.
  • Mortgage or Rent Payments: Address overdue mortgage or rent payments to prevent potential defaults.

Applying for a Catch-Up Line of Credit

Applying for the Catch-Up Line of Credit with Leonard Trust is a simple process:

  1. Online Application: Conveniently apply through our secure online portal, providing necessary details and documentation.
  2. In-Person Consultation: Visit any of our branches to discuss your catch-up line of credit needs with our specialized loan officers.

Regain Financial Stability

With Leonard Trust’s Catch-Up Line of Credit, take proactive steps toward resolving overdue bills and financial obligations. Access a flexible financial solution designed to help you catch up on payments and work towards regaining financial stability.