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Disability Savings Plans: Securing Financial Futures with Care

At Leonard Trust, our Disability Savings Plans are designed to provide financial support and security for individuals with disabilities. These specialized plans offer a strategic way to save, invest, and ensure a brighter future for those with special needs.

Features of Our Disability Savings Plans

  • Tailored Support: Specifically structured to address the long-term financial needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Government Assistance: Access potential government grants or contributions available for eligible participants, enhancing savings.
  • Tax-Advantaged Growth: Enjoy tax-deferred or tax-free growth on investments within the plan, maximizing savings potential.

Key Benefits of the Disability Savings Plan

  • Focused Financial Support: Channel savings towards meeting the unique financial needs and expenses associated with disabilities.
  • Government Grants: Benefit from potential government contributions that can significantly boost the savings within the plan.
  • Enhanced Financial Security: Create a stable financial future and ensure ongoing care and support for individuals with disabilities.

How the Plan Supports Individuals with Disabilities

  • Long-Term Financial Security: Secure a financial safety net for the future care and support of individuals with disabilities.
  • Maximizing Government Assistance: Take advantage of available government grants and incentives to augment the savings within the plan.
  • Flexible Usage: Use the accumulated funds to cover various disability-related expenses, care, and support services.

Starting the Disability Savings Journey

  1. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with a Leonard Trust financial advisor to understand the Disability Savings Plan and its benefits.
  2. Plan Setup: Establish the Disability Savings Plan account, tailored to the specific needs of the individual with disabilities.
  3. Regular Contributions: Commit to regular contributions to steadily build the fund, ensuring ongoing financial support.

Secure Financial Futures with Care

Invest in the financial well-being of individuals with disabilities through Leonard Trust’s Disability Savings Plans. Benefit from tax-advantaged growth and focused savings, ensuring long-term support and care for their future needs.