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Fees at Leonard Trust

Bank Fees:

  1. Account Maintenance Fee: A nominal monthly charge for maintaining your account.
  2. Transaction Fees: Minimal charges per transaction, covering withdrawals, transfers, and ATM usage.
  3. Overdraft Fee: Applicable when the account balance falls below zero.
  4. Minimum Balance Fee: Charged when the account balance drops below the required minimum.
  5. ATM Fees: Charges may apply for using non-network ATMs.
  6. Foreign Transaction Fee: Applied to transactions in foreign currencies.

Borrowing Fees:

  1. Interest Rates: Competitive rates for loans, presented as an Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
  2. Origination Fee: A percentage-based charge upon initiating a loan application.
  3. Late Payment Fee: Incurred for missed loan payments.
  4. Prepayment Penalty: Charges for paying off a loan before the agreed-upon term.
  5. Processing Fee: Applicable to facilitate and process loan applications.

Savings and Loan Fees:

  1. Account Service Fee: Associated costs for maintaining savings accounts.
  2. Withdrawal Limits and Fees: Charges for exceeding the permissible withdrawal limit.
  3. Early Withdrawal Penalty: Fee for withdrawing savings before the designated period.
  4. Loan Servicing Fee: Administrative charges related to loan management.

These fees may vary based on the type of account or loan you hold with Leonard Trust. Understanding these charges helps you manage your finances effectively, ensuring you make informed decisions about your banking and borrowing needs.

Please refer to our detailed fee schedule or speak with a Leonard Trust representative for specific information regarding fees, as they might vary based on account types and services.