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Overdraft Protection for Peace of Mind

At Leonard Trust, we understand that unexpected expenses or mistakes in managing your account can sometimes lead to overdrafts. That’s why we offer Overdraft Protection—a service designed to provide you with peace of mind and help you manage your finances more effectively.

What is Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft Protection is a service that helps prevent declined transactions and potential fees when you don’t have enough funds in your account to cover a transaction. It’s a safety net that steps in to cover the shortfall, ensuring that your transactions go through smoothly, even when there’s a temporary shortage of funds in your account.

How Does Overdraft Protection Work?

When you sign up for Overdraft Protection, you have options to link your checking account to another account, such as a savings account, line of credit, or credit card. If your checking account balance is insufficient to cover a transaction, funds are automatically transferred from the linked account to cover the shortfall, helping you avoid declined transactions and potential fees.


Benefits of Overdraft Protection with Leonard Trust

Avoidance of Fees: Overdraft Protection helps you avoid non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees that may occur from declined transactions.
Peace of Mind: Rest assured that important transactions, such as bill payments or purchases, will go through even when your checking account balance is low.
Flexibility: Choose the account you want to link for protection, giving you control over how overdrafts are covered.

Getting Overdraft Protection

Setting up Overdraft Protection with Leonard Trust is simple. Visit any of our branches or contact our customer service team to discuss the options available and choose the best solution that fits your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process and ensure you understand how the service works.

Important Considerations

It’s essential to note that Overdraft Protection is a convenience service and may have associated fees or terms depending on the account linked for protection. We encourage you to review and understand the terms and conditions associated with the service before opting in.

Your Financial Safety Net

Overdraft Protection at Leonard Trust is designed to provide you with added security and flexibility in managing your finances. It’s our commitment to offering you the tools and services that contribute to a smoother and more convenient banking experience.